L’Arte del Violino

l’Arte del Violino

After her extremely well received debut album in 2013 violinist Lisa Jacobs comes with her second album l'Arte del Violino with violin concerto's by Pietro Antonio Locatelli. 

In his music, Locatelli pushes the boundaries of the violin technique with an unprecedented virtuoso and at times romantic vision. The frequent use of exceptional high positions on the violin, many daredevil antics in the left hand including double stops and ex- tended stretches, and the exploration of hitherto rarely used bow techniques, makes him a true pioneer for the violin and the development of violin technique in general.

Despite his obvious fascination for virtuosity, Locatelli ensures that one is captivated first and foremost by charming original melodies and bold characterization. His music never develops into a tour de force but remains sympathetic to both the listener and the performer.

On this Locatelli album Lisa Jacobs perfectly shows her virtuosity combined with a passionate lyrical approach.

Lisa is equally at home on the concert stage with concertos, chamber music and solo works and performed with amongst others the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic and Bremer Philharmoniker.

In 2014 Lisa Jacobs founded her own string ensemble 'The String Soloists'. This is an international dynamic string ensemble based in Amsterdam, comprising 14 string players who perform under the leadership of its concertmaster Janneke van Prooijen and artistic leader Lisa Jacobs. Their approach to music-making without a conductor is what distinguishes the group from the regular chamber orchestras. It demands intensive involvement from all the musicians.




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