• Lisa Jacobs

    Paganini 24 Caprices

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  • Master of Kings

    world premier recordings of Giacomo Facco 1676-1713
    Eugenia Boix, Guillermo Turina, Tomoko Matsuoka

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  • Whispering Leaves

    Lucie Štĕpánová, Ksenia Kouzmenko
    Janacek, Palenicek, Martinu

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  • Terra

    Bartok, Ginastera, Halffter
    Cuarteto Quiroga

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Latest news

Paganini 24 Caprices

No violinist can escape them: Paganini’s Caprices. A beautiful, infamous cycle of 24 works for violin solo with an enormous arsenal of technical delights.

Lisa Jacobs, by contrast, emphasises cantabile purity, so that even the flightiest of Paganini’s finger-breaking miniatures emerges miraculously as though it was being sung. (BBC Music Magazine)

What she’s come up with here is a strong offering, too: distinctiveness again, within an overall approach that sits mostly on the gentler, beautiful-toned end of the scale, as her bouncing, mellow-toned No 1 sets up. Although not entirely, as you’ll hear through the peasanty fire she brings to No 5. (Gramophone)


Paganini album by Lisa Jacobs is now nominated for the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2019 in the category ‘solo instrument’.