Winds Unlimited with Chen Halevi

Winds Unlimited is a unique new wind ensemble brought together by clarinetist, Chen Halevi. The group comprises of seven outstanding musicians from around the world. Chen Halevi’s inspiration to form the group came from his love of playing on period instruments: ‘When you play on period instruments it gives you a whole new perspective and sound world. It opens up new horizons for interpretation and it gives us enormous joy to play these instruments.

Winds Unlimited was formed in 2009, a coming together of six wind players from across Europe with a passion for playing on period instruments. In this short time they have worked intensively together discovering new repertoire bringing their knowledge from many different backgrounds together in a constant artistic dialogue. Together they bring an intensely unique approach to a shared love for the classical repertoire of the wind sextet with warmth, subtlety and virtuosic dexterity. Using historical instruments, their vast array of influences set the groundwork for a play of aesthetics that have as their main goal an ability to convey with beauty, simplicity, elegance and brilliance the music of the 18th century through the works of mozart and his contemporaries. They have a commitment not only to play masterpieces written for this type of ensemble by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven but to also explore lesser-known jewels of the classical and romantic period such as; Johann Christian Bach, Hoffmeister, Krommer, Castil-Blaze and Lessel.