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Russian Generations 2


Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev


Year of release: 2009

Quartet No.2 in F Major op. 22 37:49
1. Adagio - Moderato assai Tchaikovsky 12:34
2. Scherzo - Allegro giusto Tchaikovsky 05:37
3. Andante - ma non tanto Tchaikovsky 13:36
4. Finale - Allegro con moto Tchaikovsky 06:00
Quartet No.2 in F Major op. 92 22:19
5. Allegro sostenuto Prokofiev 06:32
6. Adagio Prokofiev 07:34
7. Allegro Prokofiev 08:11
Quartet No.2 18:23
8. 1st movement Prokofiev 03:49
9. Strange arp Prokofiev 05:32
10. Promenade dans le bois Prokofiev 04:31
11. Geet Prokofiev 04:30

About this album

After the successful release of part 1 in December 2008, the Ruysdael Quartet continue their journey with part 2 of their Russian Generations series. The new recording features all second string quartets by Tchaikovsky, Sergei and Gabriel Prokofiev.

Tchaikovsky’s second quartet is a seldom performed mas- terpiece with one of the most intensely personal slow move- ments the composer ever wrote. This is juxtaposed by Sergei Prokofievs op. 92, an exhilarating dance-like piece based on Kabardinian folk tunes. Gabriel Prokofievs 2nd quartet, like its predecessor, is a thrilling work with a gripping rhythmical drive. But here the instruments are stretched even further to the extremes of their capabilities, creating a fascinating sound world.

The Ruysdael Quartet was formed in 1996. They studied with the Amadeus Quartet, Hagen Quartet, Quatuor Mosaïques and over a two-year period with the Alban Berg Quartet at the “Hochschule für Musik”, Cologne. Since then they have been regularly invited to take part in festivals and masterclas- ses, resulting in performances not only in Europe but also in Australia and the USA.

The Ruysdael Quartet received a full scholarship to attend the ‘International Chamber Music Academy Prague-Vienna- Budapest’ (‘99-’01) where they won the Bela Bartok Prize (1999), the Alban Berg Prize (2000) and the Tomastik-Infeld Prize (2001) with an invitation to make a recording for the Austrian National Radio.

The quartet were winners of the ‘Charles Hennen Internatio- nal Chamber Music Competition 2000’ in Holland and were awarded the ‘Prix de la SACEM’ at the International String Quartet Competition 2001 in Bordeaux. In March 2002 they received the Press Prize and the AVRO Prize in the ‘Vrien- denkrans’ competition in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. More recently they were recipients of the prestigious “Kers- jes van de Groenekan” Prize, a major musical award in the Netherlands.

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Deze twee uitgaven (COBRA 0024/0031) zijn door hun originele repertoirkeuze uniek (...). De magie die ontstaat door het ragfijne non-vibrato spel van het Ruysdael Quartet is moeilijk te overtreffen. Zelfs het Borodin Quartet deed dat niet beter. — Siebe Riedstra