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Cuarteto Quiroga

Haydn, Webern, Sollima


Year of release: 2012

Divertimento a quattro 20:02
1. Moderato Haydn 07:00
2. Capriccio - Adagio Haydn 05:37
3. Menuet - Allegretto Haydn 03:22
4. Fuga a 4 tro soggetti Haydn 04:01
5. Langsamer Satz Webern 11:39
Funf Satze fur Streichquartett Op: 5 12:02
6. Heftig bewegt Webern 02:37
7. Sehr langsam Webern 02:53
8. Sehr bewegt Webern 00:48
9. Sehr langsam Webern 01:59
10. In zarter Bewegung Webern 03:43
Sonnets et Rondeaux 09:48
11. I Sonnet Sollima 01:12
12. II Rondeau, Allegro Sollima 02:05
13. III Sonnet, Lento Sollima 01:59
14. IV Rondeau, Allegro Sollima 01:41
15. V Sonnet Sollima 01:09
16. VI Rondeau, Allegro Sollima 01:38

About this album

The award winning Cuarteto Quiroga, one of the boldest, most personal and individual quartet sounds of Europe’s ne­west string quartet generation, presents this highly profiled CD program which features a musical trip in four stages, to state and claim the aesthetical recuperation for performance practice of the very nature that constitutes string quartet as musical genre: Challenge. These four works are the State­ment of three composers confronted with the Challenge of their time.The op.20 nr 2 was one of Haydn’s most interes­ting statements as a response to the challenge of integrating the old forms into a new style of music writing, to configure a new stylistic horizon.

Webern’s Langsamer Satz, the state­ment of a young composer facing the challenge of a musical language about to collapse. Here Webern is the keystone that leads into a fascinating solution, turn of a new era. His own Op.5 represents the Statement of what he himself saw later as the natural way of writing new music. Poetry and Culture of Composition combined in the most expressive minutes of quartet music ever written.

And finally, Giovanni Sollima, the voice that has stated a possible, brilliantly eclectic way of ap­proaching the challenge of composition for a generation who cannot escape the mediatic influence of popular music.

Four musical Statements in the Statement of a quartet for our time who gives us in this first-recording a sharp, individual and bold reading of String Quartet as a cultural phenomenon: testimony of our european culture, challenge of our future ways.


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