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Ladies Only

Nienke Oostenrijk, Marianne Boer



Year of release: 2016

1. Gretchen Am Spinnrade Schubert 03:51
2. Gretchen's Bitte Schubert 03:37
3. Arietta Di Claudine Schubert 01:13
4. Kolma's Klage Schubert 05:52
5. Iphigenia Schubert 03:08
6. Suleika's Erster Gesang Schubert 05:29
7. Suleika's Zweter Gesang Schubert 04:11
8. Viola Schubert 13:35
9. Axa's Romanze Schubert 03:35
10. Ellen's Erster Gesang Schubert 07:32
11. Ellen's Zweiter Gesang Schubert 03:23
12. Ellen's Dritter Gesang (Ave Maria) Schubert 06:21
13. Die Junge Nonne Schubert 04:21
14. Lied De Anne Lyle Schubert 03:35
15. Delphine Schubert 04:46

About this album

Nienke Oostenrijk and Marianne Boer bring a selection songs of Schubert with the theme “Ladies Only”.These songs represent Schubert strong empathy for women in poetry. Uncertainty and emotional fluctuations were seen as typically feminine qualities, and it is not surprising that poets used from the Biedermeier time female characters to express their grief.Oostenrijk has done excellent research into the meaning of these songs and therefor has also contacted the famous English philosopher Roger Scruton, who wrote the essay “Schubert is needed now more than ever”. She paints an accurate picture of how feminine feelings have played a role in Schubert’s life.The booklet of this production has thus become a meaningful document.Nienke Oostenrijk and Marianne Boer perform these songs with great understanding of text and context in this album. This creates a beautiful combination of depth and naturalness, in which the interaction is truly sublime.


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Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording LocationWestvest90 Church
ProducerTom Peeters
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis
MicrophonesB&K 4003 modified by Rens Heijnis
Mastering EngineerTom Peeters
Editing Software


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