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Locatelli Violin Concertos

Lisa Jacobs, The String Soloists



Year of release: 2016

Locatelli Violin Concerto No II 22:33
1. 1. Andante Locatelli 10:14
2. 2. Largo Locatelli 04:10
3. 3. Andante Locatelli 08:07
Locatelli Violin Concerto No I 20:35
4. 1. Allegro Locatelli 06:39
5. 2. Largo Locatelli 04:50
6. 3. Allegro Locatelli 09:06
Locatelli Violin Concerto No IV 20:49
7. 1. Largo Locatelli 08:07
8. 2. Largo Locatelli 03:37
9. 3. Andante Locatelli 09:04

About this album

In his music, Locatelli pushes the boundaries of the violin technique with an unprecedented virtuoso and at times romantic vision.

The frequent use of exceptional high positions on the violin, many daredevil antics in the left hand including double stops and extended stretches, and the exploration of hitherto rarely used bow techniques, makes him a true pioneer for the violin and the development of violin technique in general.Despite his obvious fascination for virtuosity, Locatelli ensures that one is captivated first and foremost by charming original melodies and bold characterization. His music never develops into a tour de force but remains sympathetic to both the listener and the performer. It is therefore a dream come true to proudly present to you my new album Locatelli: L’Arte del violino.Along with The String Soloists, an exciting young and dynamic international ensemble, I have immersed myself the past few months with great enthusiasm in Locatelli’s world of sound, colour and playfulness which ultimately resulted in the recording of his Violin Concertos opus 3 no. 1, 2 and 4.

On behalf of all of us, I wish you pleasure and joy in your exploration of Locatelli’s amazing violin repertoire!

– Lisa Jacobs

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Technical Specifications

Recording Software Merging
Recording Type Bit Rate DSD64
Recording Location Cumerakerk, Rhenen, Holland
Recording Engineer Tom Peeters
Producer Tom Peeters
Mixing Board Rens Heijnis
Microphones B&K4003
Editing Software Pyramix
Digital Converters dCS 904 and dCS954
Binaural For this album we chose to record in Binaural as well. This is a perfect solution for headphone users. The recordings are made with the dummy head of Neuman, the KU-100. On a headphone this gives a surprisingly realistic image and it gives you the feeling of being at the session. This idea to develop an extra Binaural catalogue in DSD is initiated and supported by Rivasono in The Netherlands.