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Giacomo Facco: Master of Kings

Guillermo Turina, Eugenia Boix, Tomoko Matsuoka

Giacomo Facco


Year of release: 2018

Cantata “Clori pur troppo bella” 13:22
1. I.Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:35
2. II. Aria Giacomo Facco 02:56
3. III. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:41
4. IV. Aria 2 Giacomo Facco 02:57
5. V. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:25
6. VI. Aria, Largo Giacomo Facco 05:46
Sinfonia di Violoncello a solo in c minor 07:00
7. Largo Giacomo Facco 02:20
8. Presto Giacomo Facco 01:19
9. Grave Giacomo Facco 01:15
10. Allegro Giacomo Facco 02:04
Cantata “Perche vedi chi’o t’amo” 08:44
11. I. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:34
12. II. Aria Giacomo Facco 03:38
13. III. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:52
14. IV. Aria. Allegro a violoncello obbligato Giacomo Facco 03:38
Sinfonia di Violoncello a solo in D major 07:16
15. Grave Giacomo Facco 02:00
16. Allegro Giacomo Facco 01:41
17. Adagio Assai Giacomo Facco 02:29
18. Presto Giacomo Facco 01:05
Cantata “Amada Libertad, Enhorabuena” 10:07
19. I. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:40
20. II. Aria. Largo/Vivo/Largo/Largo Giacomo Facco 03:31
21. III. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:31
22. IV. Aria Giacomo Facco 05:23
Sinfonia di Viloncello a Solo in g minor 07:54
23. Largo Giacomo Facco 03:39
24. Allegro Giacomo Facco 01:46
25. Grave Giacomo Facco 01:12
26. Presto Giacomo Facco 01:15
Cantata “Cuando en el Oriente” 17:28
27. I. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:55
28. II. Aria. Largo Giacomo Facco 08:17
29. III. Recitativo Giacomo Facco 00:35
30. IV. Aria Giacomo Facco 07:39

About this album

Giacomo Facco: Master of Kings 

The title Giacomo Facco: Master of Kings is translated literally from Uberto Zanolli’s Giacomo Facco: Maestro de reyes, the rst major biography on this musician and composer. 

Giacomo Facco was born on 1676 in the Most Serene Republic of Venice, in the small village of Marsango. The rst documentary records of his work are in a series of cantatas, dated 1702, kept in Naples. It is there he may have started working for Antonio Spínola. The Spínola family was part of the high Spanish nobility and Antonio, during the War of the Spanish Succession, was appointed Viceroy of Sicily, where he lived until 1713. Facco also moved there with the marquis’ court, and had a period of intense activity, during which he premiered several operas and oratorios, as well as some cantatas. 

Spínola and Facco however would not stay in Sicily for long. With the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, Spain handed over the Viceroyalty of Sicily to de Duke of Savoy. Therefore, Spínola and all his entourage headed for Spain to rebuild their lives, starting a new chapter in the history of Europe. Facco also headed for Spain and was hired by the court in Madrid as master to the Infante Luis, Prince of Asturias, and as a violinist in the Chapel Royal. During his rst years there, his reputation as a composer led him to write what many consider the rst Italian opera with a libretto in Spanish, Amor es todo Invención, premiered in the Coliseo del Buen Retiro in 1721. Facco stayed in Madrid working for the court of the royal family until his last days, on 1753. 

The music selected on the CD Giacomo Facco: Master of Kings is a journey through his cantatas and his cello music, exemplifying two stages of the composer’s life; works from the years he worked in Italy and works from the time he spent in Spain. After the success achieved with their first recording with COBRA records, Guillermo Turina, Eugenia Boix and Tomoko Matsuoka are back with this CD of Giacomo Facco’s works. The world premier recording of a monographic chamber music repertory by an Italian composer who is probably one of the most important and in uent composers of the Spanish Baroque era.

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Stretto (May. 2018)

'A very interesting and enriching (re)discovery of very nice music, very well played on an interesting label. Highly recommended.'

RITMO magazine

Varias cosas nos han gustado de este nuevo disco del sello holandés Cobra, recién presentado en marzo en diversos auditorios españoles: el cuidado diseño y la calidad técnica de la grabación, las muy documentadas notas del libreto, la elección de un repertorio inédito y, por supuesto, la interpretación... ...En definitiva, es Guillermo Turina el alma de la grabación, haciendo de enlace entre dos intérpretes técnicamente perfectas... === We like many things of this CD from Dutch label COBRA, recently released in some Spanish auditories: the cared design and the technical quality of the recording, the very documented notes of the booklet, the election of the repertory and, of course, the interpretation... ...Definetely, it is Guillermo Turina the soul of the recording, being the bridge between two technicly perfect interpreters...

Scherzo (May. 2018)

The work of Guillermo Turina, Eugenia Boix and Tomoko Matsuoka, rediscovering Italian musicians who worked in Spain during the first decades of the 18th century, is priceless. It is really exquisite music, magnificently performed. Listening to Boix's voice is always a joy.

Earlymusicreview (May. 2018)

While the cantatas he published while working in Italy are a little pedestrian, the later Spanish-period works sound more convincing. However, none of the cantatas sound as interesting as Facco’s innovative and engaging sinfonias for cello and harpsichord. This is due on the present CD to Guillermo Turino’s exciting technique on the Baroque cello, which brings these latter works to life....

Revista Melomano

"Master of Kings transporteert ons naar een barok universum, met authentieke muzikale parels, kortom een ​​echt geschenk voor liefhebbers van barokmuziek"

Opus Klassiek (Mar. 2018)

‘Master of Kings' biedt vier cantates (volgens het bekende recitatief- en ariamodel) en drie sinfonia's (vierdelig, afwisselend langzaam en snel) voor cello solo (met het klavecimbel als begeleidingsinstrument). Aldus is een smaakvolle variatie ontstaan die bovendien een representatief beeld biedt van de Italiaans-Spaanse barokmuziek uit de achttiende eeuw. Met uitzondering van de cantate 'Cuando En El Oriente' zijn ze hier voor de eerste maal vastgelegd. Tom Peeters heeft er weer een opnamejuweeltje van gemaakt, waarbij de Schiedamse Westvestkerk zich wederom bewezen als een uitstekende opnamelocatie.

Technical Specifications

Speakers KEF Reference 105.3
Digital To Analog Converter Hapi, Merging Technologies
Mastering Equiment Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Mastering Engineer Tom Peeters
Cables Acoustic Revive
Mixing Console Rens Heijnis
Microphones B&K 4003, modified by Rens Heijnis
Recording Format DSD64
Analog To Digital Converter dCS
Recording Date june 2017
Recording Location Westvest90, Schiedam, The Netherlands
Recording Engineer Tom Peeters
Production Tom Peeters