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24 Caprices of Niccolo Paganini

Lisa Jacobs

Niccolo Paganini


Year of release: 2018

24 Caprices of Niccolo Paganini 00:00
1. Caprice No. 1: Andante Niccolo Paganini
2. Caprice No. 2: Moderato Niccolo Paganini
3. Caprice No. 3: Sostenuto - Presto Niccolo Paganini
4. Caprice No. 4: Maestoso Niccolo Paganini
5. Caprice No. 5: Agitato Niccolo Paganini
6. Caprice No. 6: Lento Niccolo Paganini
7. Caprice No. 7: Posato Niccolo Paganini
8. Caprice No. 8: Maestoso Niccolo Paganini
9. Caprice No. 9: Allegretto Niccolo Paganini
10. Caprice No. 10: Vivace Niccolo Paganini
11. Caprice No. 11: Andante - Presto - Primo tempo Niccolo Paganini
12. Caprice No. 12: Allegro Niccolo Paganini
13. Caprice No. 13: Allegro Niccolo Paganini
14. Caprice No. 14: Moderato Niccolo Paganini
15. Caprice No. 15: Posato Niccolo Paganini
16. Caprice No. 16: Presto Niccolo Paganini
17. Caprice No. 17: Sostenuto Andante Niccolo Paganini
18. Caprice No. 18: Corrente - Allegro Niccolo Paganini
19. Caprice No. 19 Lento - Allegro assai Niccolo Paganini
20. Caprice No. 20: Allegretto Niccolo Paganini
21. Caprice No. 21: Amoroso - Presto Niccolo Paganini
22. Caprice No. 22: Marcato Niccolo Paganini
23. Caprice No. 23: Posato Niccolo Paganini
24. Caprice No. 24: Tema quasi presto - Variazioni - Finale Niccolo Paganini

About this album

Paganini 24 Caprices 

No violinist can escape them: Paganini’s Caprices. A beautiful, infamous cycle of 24 works for violin solo with an enormous arsenal of technical delights. 

With his 24 Caprices Niccolò Paganini set out to fascinate the audience and play the kind of music that people had never experienced before. As a young talent Niccolò had shocked and enraged the public by imitating animals using his violin and in the Caprices he elaborated on that earlier experimentation. Birdsong, hunting horns, laughter, donkeys – they were all brought to life through his instrument. When it comes to special techniques and almost impossible dexterity, his 24 Caprices go a step further than Locatellis. Above all Paganini’s caprices are full of drama. Calm and moving passages interchange without warning with fiery, almost violent passages. 

For Lisa Jacobs it is not the technical aspects of the music, but exactly that enormous variety in the musical characters, the extraordinary sound landscape, and the fantasy and lyricism that has amazed her all her life and has been an inspiration for this recording.

Dutch violinist Lisa Jacobs performs three of Locatteli’s concertos with bold characterization, and meets their formidable technical challenges with commendable athleticism and élan.
(The Strad, UK, 2017) 

Dutch violin virtuoso Lisa Jacobs is known for her passionate performances, interesting programs and communicative qualities on stage. She is equally at home on the concert stage with concertos, chamber music and solo works. Lisa Jacobs collaborated with amongst others the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Bremer Philharmoniker and respected conductors such as Riccardo Chaily, Neeme Järvi, Massimo Quarta, Otto Tausk, Jan Willem de Vriend and Carlos Miguel Prieto.  

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Opus Klassiek

Lisa Jacobs heeft terecht gekozen voor ‘hoog spel'. Wat wil zeggen dat ze niet alleen de technische maar ook de expressieve grenzen van deze muziek diepgaand heeft verkend en vervolgens gestalte gegeven. Dat blijkt tenminste uit haar glanzende interpretatie. De stokvoering is net zo exemplarisch als de vingertechniek, articulatie en ritmische profilering zijn verbluffend, de expressieve aspecten elektriserend, het algehele beeld vol allure. ================== Lisa Jacobs has rightly opted for 'highest performance'. Which means she has explored in depth and then shaped the technical and expressive boundaries of this music. At least this is evident from her shining interpretation. The bowing is just as exemplary as the finger technique, articulation and rhythmic profiling are amazing, the expressive aspects electrifying, the overall picture full of allure. — Aart van der Wal

Technical Specifications

SpeakersKEF 105.3
Digital To Analog ConverterdCS 954
Mastering EquimentPyramix, Merging Technologies
EditingTom Peeters
CablesAcoustic Revive
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis
MicrophonesBrüel & Kjaer 4003, Neumann modified by Rens Heijnis
Recording FormatDSD 64
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS904 and Merging HAPI
Recording Date2017/2018
Recording LocationCunerakerk, Rhenen, NL
Recording EngineerTom Peeters
ProductionTom Peeters