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The number 840 appears above the score of Satie’s Vexations. It indicates the amount of repeats of this piece with a length of only one minute and a half. Now it suddenly takes not less than 16 hours to perform it. This is a good example of the innovative and sometimes absurd genius of Erik Satie.

Some early reviewers called him a charlatan, but according to Stravinsky Erik Satie was one of the great composers of his days besides Bizet and Chabrier. Debussy arranged two Gymnopédies for orchestra successfully, whilst Roussel praised his impeccable counterpoint and John Cage pronounced Satie the ‘indispensable’ and ‘art’s most serious servant’. Erik Satie (1866-1925) was a man who raised opinions

On this CD all tracks are somehow related to the music by Erik Satie; five of them are arrangements of his piano works which are combined with pieces that carry the idea’s of Satie. The influence of Satie on French music is not to be underestimated and he can be seen as a navigator towards new musical developments.

Erik Satie liked to be ironical, absurd and funny and for his whole life he had a deeply rooted dislike of conventions in all its forms. It made him a forerunner in the field of many musical innovations, the most typical and daring one being his harmonic language with its remarkable resolutions and parallel chords. Also pop musicians feel connected to this new invented approach to harmony. The repertoire of this album reaches from 1884 with the very first composition of Satie, until 2019 with Acruarela nr.7 of Camilo Giraldo dedicated to Enno Voorhorst.

In 1987 Enno Voorhorst won first prize at the international guitar competition in Hof (Germany) followed by a number of prizes including the Dutch guitar prize in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 1992 and the first prize at the Seto-Ohashi competition in Japan in that same year. He has regularly played in the most prestigious concert halls in Holland and gives concerts and master classes throughout Europe, Asia and America. Enno Voorhorst teaches at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and, in addition to solo concerts, performs regularly with oboist Pauline Oostenrijk and with viola player Mikhail Zemtsov in the duo Macondo.


Improvisation XII, hommage à Schubert (Francis Poulenc)
Petit Ouverture à Danser (Erik Satie)
Iguaque (Camilo Giraldo Angel)
Hommage à Satie (Francis Kleynjans)
Vexations (Erik Satie)
Notte a Venezia - Tramonto Veneziano (Vito Nicola Paradiso)
Notte a Venezia - Lullaby Veneziana (Vito Nicola Paradiso)
Notte a Venezia - Aurora Veneziana (Vito Nicola Paradiso)
Sarabande (Francis Poulenc)
Etude nr.2 (Ida Presti)
Pièces Froides (Erik Satie)
Adagio opus 44 (Ommagio a Johann Sebastian Bach) (Gerard Drozd)
Herbert’s Story (from the movie Nebraska) (Mark Orton)
Preludio from Serenata (Jean Françaix)
Tombeau (Pieter van der Staak)
Un beau Baiser (from the Theatre Production George Sand) (Louis Andriessen)
Acuarela nr.3 (Homenaje a Erik Satie) (Camilo Giraldo Angel)
Acuarela nr 7 (Memorias de un Navegante, para Enno Voorhorst) (Camilo Giraldo Angel)
Gymnopédie nr.1 (Erik Satie)
4’33” (John Cage)
Allegro (Erik Satie)

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Recording engineer

Tom Peeters


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Producer/recording engineer

Tom Peeters

Recording Location

Emmausklooster, Velp (NL)

Recording dates

26,27,28 april 2021

Recording format

DSD 256


B&K 4003 modified by Rens Heijnis and Sonodore MPM-81
Neumann KU-100 (Binaural) modified by Rens Heijnis


Acoustic Revive


Tom Peeters

Editing/mastering equipment

Pyramix Merging Technologies

Digital to Analog converter

Hapi Merging Technologies


KEF 105.3

Press reviews

Quad-Raad (summer 2022)

In een woord héérlijk: een uur lang solo-gitaar. En dan nog gespeeld door Enno Voorhorst! Eigenlijk is de gitaar het enige instrument dat zich live senang zal voelen in een huiskameromgeving. Ja, sorry hifi-liefhebbers, het is niet anders; n.b. hi-fi blijft een streven. De titel ‘840’ verwijst naar het nummer boven de partituur van Satie’s ‘Vexations’. Het geeft het aantal herhalingen aan van dit stuk met een lengte van slechts anderhalve minuut. Nu duurt het ineens niet minder dan zestien uur om het uit te voeren. Een mooi voorbeeld van het vernieuwende en soms absurde genie Erik Satie. (Dank aan Maaiken van Cobra). Verder verwijs ik naar de tekst van Enno Voorhorst zelf in het booklet. Duidelijker in uitleg kan niet beter! De opname is als ik gewend ben van producer/recording engineer Tom Peeters van Cobra. Hoe schoon kan het zijn? Nou, luister maar!

In one word delicious: an hour long solo guitar. And then played by Enno Voorhorst! In fact, the guitar is the only instrument that will feel honestly live in a living room environment. Yes, sorry hi-fi lovers, that’s how it is; hi-fi remains a pursuit. The title ‘840’ refers to the number above the score of Satie’s ‘Vexations’. It indicates the number of repetitions of this stretch with a length of only one and a half minutes. Now it suddenly takes no less than sixteen hours to run. A fine example of the innovative and sometimes absurd genius Erik Satie. (Thanks to Maaiken, Cobra). I also refer to the text by Enno Voorhorst himself in the booklet. His clear explanation couldn’t be better! As I am used to, the recording is from producer/recording engineer Tom Peeters from Cobra. How clean can it be? Well, listen up!

Positive feedback, May 2022

“A thoroughly engaging and well-spent hour with this delightfully articulate guitarist. Enno Voorhorst is a master of subtle grace, dynamic drive, and brilliant technique. But, he never allows his huge technique to overshadow his musically compelling communication of nuance and emotion.”

Audiophile Sound, March 2022 5 out of 5

Vexations, also by Satie, however, is a surprise: it lasts two minutes and anticipates serialism by thirty years with, in addition, the ‘suggestion’ that musicians should perform it at least 840 times (hence the title of the ‘album)….As for the performances, the guitarist Enno Voorhorst immerses himself in the various styles with ease and naturalness. His tone is well defined and elegantly resonates in all registers at all dynamic levels; he also has a wide tonal range (Mark Orton’s Homage to Herbert is a great example of how he manages to play softly); rhythmically it is always precise and its phrasing is fluid with a constant sense of calm introspection.

Vexations, ook van Satie, is echter een verrassing: het duurt twee minuten en loopt dertig jaar vooruit op het serialisme met daarbij de ‘suggestie’ dat muzikanten het minstens 840 keer zouden moeten uitvoeren (vandaar de titel van dit album)…Wat betreft de uitvoeringen dompelt gitarist Enno Voorhorst zich met gemak en natuurlijkheid onder in de verschillende stijlen. De toon is goed gedefinieerd en resoneert elegant in alle registers op alle dynamische niveaus; hij heeft ook een breed toonbereik (Mark Ortons Homage to Herbert is een goed voorbeeld van hoe hij zacht kan spelen); ritmisch is het altijd precies en de frasering is vloeiend met een constant gevoel van kalme introspectie.

MusicWeb International, February 2022

Unique program and superior playing(…)Voorhorst’s ability to select, arrange and execute music to such a high degree of excellence, makes further comment on this subject less relevant(…)on this disc one discovers twenty more examples in miniature of this same expertise(…)The longest work, comprising three movements, is Notte a Venezia by Italian guitarist Vito Paradiso. That composition alone justifies purchase of the recording; everything else is a cornucopia of added bonuses.

BBC Music Magazine, March 2022 4 out of 5

Satie is the thread that runs through this generous recital of works arranged for solo guitar. Voorhorst’s tone is pleasant and warm, while the close-recorded sound makes for an intimate listen.


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