Sandro Rodrigues

Sandro Rodrigues was born on the 8th of June of 1996, in the city of S. Joa?o da Madeira, Portugal. He started to study guitar, officially, at the age of 10 in the Academia de Mu?sica de S. Joa?o da Madeira, with Professor Carlos Moreira. In 2011 he entered de Escola Profissional de Mu?sica de Espinho, where he studied with Professor Tiago Emanuel Cassola for three years. In 2014 he traveled to Zaragoza to study in the Conservatorio Superior de Mu?sica de Arago?n with the masters Pedro Mateo and A?lex Garrobe?. He also studied Ancient Plucked Instruments with the theorbist Daniel Zapico. After his journey in Spain, Sandro packed his guitar and went to The Netherlands to complement his studies with the Maestro Carlo Marchione.

During his career, Sandro has premiered works from composers like Nuno Peixoto, Bernardo Pe?rez and Alberto Caracciolo.

Sandro Rodrigues has been in masterclasses of great guitarists, such as Ricardo Galle?n, Judicael Perroy, Dejan Ivanovic, Marco Soci?as, Marlon Titre, Marco Smaili, Petrit C?eku, Jose? Antonio Escobar, Michailis Kontaxakis, Rafael Aguirre, Roberto Aussel, and many others.