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Concerto Métis

Enno Voorhorst, The String Soloists

Roland Dyens


Year of release: 2018

Concerto Métis (Hommage à Ida Presti) 24:34
1. Allegro rubato, allegretto, allegro rubato Roland Dyens 08:39
2. Andante Roland Dyens 09:02
3. Allegro giocoso, quasi adagio, allegro vivace Roland Dyens 06:52
4. Thème Félin Roland Dyens 03:18
5. Sérénade (2ème mouvement du Concerto en Si Roland Dyens 09:46
6. Lettre à la Seine Roland Dyens 01:42
7. Saudade no.1 Roland Dyens 02:57
8. Saudade no.2 Roland Dyens 03:37
9. Saudade no.3: Rituel - Danse, Fête et Final Roland Dyens 06:22
10. Lettre å Monsieur Messiaen Roland Dyens 02:25
11. Tango en Skai Roland Dyens 02:39

About this album

Roland Dyens (1955-2016) was a unique French guitar virtuoso, composer, arranger and improviser who famously always started his own concerts with an improvisation in order to allow the choice of program to develop organically from the moment and the venue. This urge for originality and freedom can be found in all of his music for there is never a dull moment – his entire oeuvre is extremely dynamic. The CD Concerto Métis is a tribute to this unique guitarist/composer and makes it possible for every music lover to get acquainted with his passionate and compelling music.

One of his most important works is the Concerto Métis, for guitar and string orchestra, on this CD performed by Enno Voorhorst with The String Soloists. Both Enno and The String Soloists were deeply drawn to the unique style of Dyens, which seems to belong between works by French composers such as Poulenc or Milhaud and the chansons of Brel or Nougaro. His most famous work, the Tango en Skai, is included here in an uplifting version with string orchestra. Enno Voorhorst made an arrangement for guitar and string orchestra of the second movement of the Concerto en Si which was originally written for guitar orchestra. Together with Roland Dyens, they named it Sérénade and it is presented here for the first time on CD. The solo works on this CD are a selection from his extensive repertoire, including some wonderful, less well-known works that most certainly deserve our attention.

Enno Voorhorst won the first prize at the International Guitar Competition in Hof (Germany) and in 1992 the Dutch Guitar Prize. He played in the important Dutch venues such as Vredenburg and de Anton Philipszaal. He has regularly played in the most prestigious concert halls in Holland and gives concerts and master classes throughout Europe, Asia and America. His two CDs with repertoire from Agustín Barrios Mangoré and his latest CD Bach-Pärt-Desprez earned him international acclaim and received outstanding critics.

The String Soloists is an international dynamic string ensemble based in Amsterdam, comprising 14 string players who perform under the leadership of its concertmaster Janneke van Prooijen and artistic leader Lisa Jacobs. Their approach to making music without a conductor is what distinguishes the group from other chamber orchestras as this commitment demands a uniquely intense involvement from each of the musicians. The composition of the ensemble enables them to play both as ensemble members and as soloists within the group and all of them are active members of the international music scene, both as chamber musicians and as solo players. The String Soloists have performed at most of the prestigious venues in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

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Opus Klassiek, okt.2018

Enno Voorhorst behoeft natuurlijk geen introductie: hij behoort tot de beste gitaristen die ons land rijk is en is naast zijn vele optredens (afwisselend samen met de hoboïste Pauline Oostenrijk en de altviolist Mikhail Zemtsov vormt hij het Macondo-duo) verbonden aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag. Dan zijn er de de elf van de in totaal veertien String Soloists onder primarius Janneke van Prooijen en artistiek leider Lisa Jacobs die de naam van dit ensemble volledig waarmaken: iedere strijker lijkt solistische eigenschappen te hebben, maar wel wel fraai en harmonieus ingebed in het geheel. Tom Peeters zorgde voor de prachtige opname. Een kostelijk album! — Aart van der Wal

Pizzicato, nov 2018

Enno Voorhorst und das Ensemble ‘The String Soloists’ spielen das Programm sehr leidenschaftlich und auf hohem technischem Niveau. Die Tonaufnahme ist sehr direkt, aber nicht trocken und bringt die Musik bestens zur Wirkung. ==== This tribute to French guitarist and composer Roland Dyens presents some of his valuable music in excellent performances. The guitar concerto is a real treat. — Remy Franck okt 2018

De intieme, poëtische weerloosheid van Dyens’ muziek is transcendent. Dit is muziek van een soort schoonheid die diepgang sublimeert tot grenzeloze verhevenheid. Dit is onvoorstelbaar mooie muziek. Deze cd mag u niet missen! — Michel Dutrieue

Technical Specifications

SpeakersKEF 105.3
Digital To Analog ConverterHAPI, Merging
Mastering EquimentPyramix, Merging Technologies
Mastering EngineerTom Peeters
EditingPyramix, Merging Technologies
CablesAcoustic Revive
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer 4003, modified Rens Heijnis
Recording FormatDSD64
Analog To Digital ConverterHAPI Merging Technologies
Recording DateOctober 23,24,25, 2017
Recording LocationCunerarkerk, Rhenen (NL)
Recording EngineerTom Peeters
ProductionTom Peeters