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Telemann 12 Fantasias for viola da gamba (Transcription for Guitar)

Sandro Rodrigues

Georg Philipp Telemann


Year of release: 2020

Fantasia No.1 (TWV 40:26) 05:11
1. I. Adagio - Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 02:52
2. II. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 02:18
Fantasia No.2 (TWV 40:27) 07:47
3. I. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 02:09
4. II. Andante Georg Philipp Telemann 02:10
5. III. Vivace (da Capo) Georg Philipp Telemann 02:10
6. IV. Presto Georg Philipp Telemann 01:17
Fantasia No.3 (TWV 40:28) 05:57
7. I. Largo Georg Philipp Telemann 03:07
8. II. Presto Georg Philipp Telemann 01:37
9. III. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 01:12
Fantasia No.4 (TWV 40:29) 06:12
10. I. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 04:08
11. II. Grave Georg Philipp Telemann 00:41
12. III. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:22
Fantasia No.5 (TWV 40:30) 04:53
13. I. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 02:11
14. II. Largo Georg Philipp Telemann 01:26
15. III. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:16
Fantasia No.6 (TWV 40:31) 07:44
16. I. Scherzando Georg Philipp Telemann 02:23
17. II. Dolce Georg Philipp Telemann 04:08
18. III. Spirituoso Georg Philipp Telemann 01:12
Fantasia No.7 (TWV 40:32) 07:44
19. I. Andante Georg Philipp Telemann 04:46
20. II. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 01:26
21. III. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:31
Fantasia No.8 (TWV 40:33) 06:13
22. I. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:45
23. II. Grave Georg Philipp Telemann 02:42
24. III. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 01:44
Fantasia No.9 (TWV 40:34) 07:37
25. I. Presto Georg Philipp Telemann 01:56
26. II. Grave Georg Philipp Telemann 04:01
27. III. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:39
Fantasia No.10 (TWV 40:35) 05:30
28. I. Dolce - Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 03:32
29. II. Siciliana Georg Philipp Telemann 01:58
Fantasia No10 (TWV 40:35) 01:42
30. III. Scherzando Georg Philipp Telemann 01:42
Fantasia No.11 (TWV 40:36) 05:40
31. I. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:56
32. II. Grave Georg Philipp Telemann 01:38
33. III.Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 02:05
Fantasia No.12 (TWV 40:37) 07:07
34. I. Andante Georg Philipp Telemann 03:12
35. II. Allegro Georg Philipp Telemann 01:54
36. III. Vivace Georg Philipp Telemann 02:00

About this album


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) was regarded by his contemporaries as one of the best composers of his time, but today we know that, in addition, he was the most prolific among all of them with more than three thousand works of different styles, many of which have never been known or the manuscripts were lost during the Second World War. Although his works were published both in Paris and in Germany, and these were acquired and distributed by musicians from all over Europe giving him more popularity than Johann Sebastian Bach, he was soon ignored and belittled until interest in his music gradually resurfaced in the twentieth century, thus slowly regaining the place that recognizes him as one of the great composers of his time. In this gradual process of recovering Telemann’s music, it has taken place sporadically and re-highlight the work of the Magdeburg composer. This is the case of the Fantasies pour la Basse de Violle, a collection of twelve fantasies for viola da gamba transcribed for guitar on this CD. The twelve fantasies were written and released by Telemann’s own publishing house in Hamburg in 1735 and considered lost until an original print was found in a private collection in 2015. These fantasies are instrumental compositions with origin from the Renaissance and are characterized by coming ‘only from the fantasy and skill of the author’, with formal and stylistic aspects that can openly vary between a free and improvised character to strict counterpoints and more or less standardized forms. They are therefore part of Telemann’s music collections for unaccompanied instruments, together with the XII Fantasias per il Violino, senza Basso, the twelve fantasias for flute and the thirty-six pieces for keyboard, all written between 1732 and 1735. The young and talented Portuguese gitarist Sandro Rodrigues has taken it upon himself to transcribe the these recently discovered Fantasies pour la Basse de Violle for guitar. After trying the first few transcriptions on guitar he found that this music works very well for this instrument also due to the similarities between the viola da gamba and guitar. On this CD Sandro Rodrigues brings the music of Georg Philipp Telemann to the 21st century on guitar without losing the soul of the 12 Fantasias.

Sandro Rodrigues (1996) started to study guitar, officially, at the age of 10 in the Academia de Música de S. João da Madeira, with Professor Carlos Moreira. In 2011 he entered de Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho, where he studied with Professor Tiago Emanuel Cassola for three years. In 2014 he started at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón in Zaragoza with the masters Pedro Mateo and Àlex Garrobé. He also studied Ancient Plucked Instruments with the theorbist Daniel Zapico. Sandro is now complementing his studies in the Netherlands with the Maestro Carlo Marchione. Sandro has premiered works from composers like Nuno Peixoto, Bernardo Pérez and Alberto Caracciolo and has been in masterclasses of great guitarists, such as Ricardo Gallén, Judicael Perroy, Dejan Ivanovic, Marco Socías, Marlon Titre, Marco Smaili and many others.

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Opus Klassiek, april 2020 (Apr. 2020)

Dat laatste geldt ook voor de smaakvolle bewerking voor gitaar solo, door de Portugese gitarist Sandro Rodrigues. Hoewel ik niet altijd positief tegen de meest uiteenlopende arrangementen aankijk is deze transcriptie zeker geslaagd te noemen, mede doordat deze fantasieën voor viola da gamba zich relatief gemakkelijk voor uitvoering op de gitaar lenen. Waar nog bijkomt dat Rodrigues ook als uitvoerend musicus in deze stukken het muzikanteske karakter ervan geheel en al intact laat. Of anders gezegd: de oorspronkelijke eigenschappen blijven mede dankzij dit gitaarspel par excellence wel degelijk behouden. Maar misschien wordt dit mede verklaard doordat de gitaar bij uitstek een ‘transcriptie-instrument' is dat bovendien sterke raakvlakken heeft met zowel de luit als de vihuela, instrumenten die rond de vijftiende eeuw in zwang kwamen en tot in de barokperiode een belangrijke rol vervulden. Het fijnzinnige gitaarspel van Sandro Rodrigues werd door Tom Peeters in de Koepelwerk te Renswoude evenzo markant vastgelegd.


Technical Specifications

Speakers KEF Reference 105/3
Digital To Analog Converter HAPI
Mastering Equiment Pyramix, Merging
Mastering Engineer Tom Peeters
Editing Tom Peeters
Cables Acoustic Revive
Microphones Bruel & Kjaer 4003, Neumann modified by Rens Heijnis
Recording Format DSD256
Analog To Digital Converter HAPI, Merging
Recording Date August & Dec 2019
Recording Location Renswoude, The Netherlands
Recording Engineer Tom Peeters