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Ardemus Quartet



Year of release: 2019

Six Bagatelles for wind quintet 00:00
1. Allegro con spirito GYÖRGY LIGETI
2. Rubato. Lamentoso: Allegro grazioso GYÖRGY LIGETI
3. Allegro grazioso GYÖRGY LIGETI
4. Presto ruvido GYÖRGY LIGETI
5. Adagio. Mesto (Béla Bartok in memoriam) GYÖRGY LIGETI
6. Molto vivace. Capriccioso GYÖRGY LIGETI
7. Chorale Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr, BWV 260 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
Two pieces for string quartet 00:00
8. Elegy (Adagio) Dmitri Shostakovich
9. Polka (Allegretto) Dmitri Shostakovich
10. ChoraleAchGott,erhörmeinSeufzenundWehklagen,BWV254 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
Saxophone Quartet in B-Flat major, Op.109 00:00
11. Allegro, Piú mosso ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
12. Canzona Variée: Thema (Andante) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
13. Variation 1 (L’istesso tempo) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
14. Variation 2 (con anima) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
15. Variation 3 – à la Schumann (Grave) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
16. Variation 4 – à la Chopin (Allegretto) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
17. Variation 5 – Scherzo (Presto) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
18. Finale (Allegro moderato, Piú mosso) ALEXANDER GLAZUNOV
19. Chorale Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen, BWV 259 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
20. Rêverie for piano, L. 76 CLAUDE DEBUSSY
21. Chorale Als vierzig Tag nach Ostern war'n, BWV 266 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
22. You've been talking in your sleep for saxophone quartet DAVID BIEDENBENDER
23. Chorale Ach lieben Christen, seid getrost, BWV 256 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH
24. Oblivion (1982) ASTOR PIAZZOLLA

About this album


Every relationship has its special moments: meeting for the first time, overcoming an obstacle together or losing track of time in each other’s company. These moments are points where individual’s stories become one. Milestones that define the path you follow together. This CD traces the path that the Ardemus Quartet has pursued over the last few years. For the Ardemus Quartet the works of Ligeti, Shostakovich, Glazunov, Debussy, Piazzolla, Biedenbender and Bach are those milestones. They remind the quartet of wonderful concerts and inspiring coaching sessions but also of efforts and challenges. The music on this CD made the Ardemus Quartet into the ensemble it is today and gave all four young musicians the opportunity to grow both as a group and as individuals. Even though they all come from different countries, they find a common language through these works.

The Ardemus Quartet presents various musical styles on this CD, original pieces as well as transcriptions. Each of the Six bagatelles by György Ligeti presents a different musical idea and technical challenge, the piece fully showcases the possibilities of the ensemble. The Saxophone Quartet by Alexander Glazunov is the pillar of the classical saxophone repertoire and one of the first pieces written for this formation. The Two pieces for string quartet by Dmitri Shostakovich explore opposite emotions in two short movements. The dreamy Rêverie by Claude Debussy brings all the colors of the saxophones to life, while frantic and groovy You’ve been talking in your sleep by young American composer David Biedenbender shows the “wild side” of the formation. One of the most performed pieces by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion – rounds up the CD and lets the listener get lost in the moment. The pieces are connected by Four part chorales by Johann Sebastian Bach – they serve as a red thread through out the CD.

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Technical Specifications

SpeakersKEF 105.3
Digital To Analog ConverterMerging, HAPI
Mastering EquimentMerging Technologies, Pyramix
EditingTom Peeters
CablesAcoustic Revive
MicrophonesBrüel & Kjaer 4003, modified by Rens Heijnis
Recording FormatDSD256
Analog To Digital ConverterMerging, HAPI
Recording Datedec 2018
Recording LocationWestvest90, Schiedam, Netherlands
Recording EngineerTom Peeters
ProductionTom Peeters