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Helikon Quartet

Maarten ter Horst


Year of release: 2021

String Quartet No.1 in E minor 35:04
1. I. Allegro feroce e impetuoso Maarten ter Horst 12:15
2. II. Andante doloroso quasi adagio Maarten ter Horst 08:46
3. III. Scherzo. Allegro molto Maarten ter Horst 03:52
4. IV. Finale. Grave - Presto energico Maarten ter Horst 10:11
String Quartet No.2 in B-flat major 38:40
5. I. Allegro leggero e liberamente Maarten ter Horst 11:34
6. II. Adagio lusingando Maarten ter Horst 07:53
7. III. Waltz. Appassionato e in tempo rubato Maarten ter Horst 06:35
8. IV. Epilogue. Con malinconia. Andante - Moderato Maarten ter Horst 12:38
9. Lullaby for String Quartet Maarten ter Horst 02:17

About this album

This album is the debut CD for both the Helikon Quartet and composer Maarten ter Horst.

The CD features String Quartet 1 & String Quartet 2: two completely new works of which the first notes were written in 2017 and the last notes during the spring lockdown in 2020. The works convey a wide range of emotions: String Quartet 1 is a musical journey from frustration to courage, and String Quartet 2 is a work about love, memories and dreams. The music uses a timeless, melodic language, a surprising new perspective on the classical string quartet tradition.

Maarten ter Horst

To Ter Horst, the string quartet is the ultimate ensemble: instruments that are different yet equal, representing a tradition of music that truly challenges both composer and instrumentalist. For Maarten ter Horst composing music is an effective way of channelling and sharing emotions. He starts from recognizable melodies and writes parts that reinforce each other in a quest in which dreams and desires want to be reconciled with reality.

Helikon Quartet

The Helikon Quartet is an adventurous and versatile string quartet. Formed in 2015, the quartet consists of 4 women in the starting blocks of their careers, working together towards one common goal: creating musical purity. Programming new music is an important way to let the voice of the present be heard, as they see contemporary music as a reflection of our society. The Helikon Quartet received the Kersjesfonds String Quartet Stipendium in 2020. The members have positions in a.o. the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

Introspect: A true collaboration

In 2020, Ter Horst approached the Helikon Quartet to have a look at his music, and according to the quartet, “his music speaks for itself, we couldn’t help but fall in love with it”. Ter Horst was their direct source of inspiration, accompanying them in exploring their possibilities and imagination. His journey of love, doubt, fighting and hope is inspiring to them and will be, they believe, to many others.

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Technical Specifications

Speakers KEF 105.3
Digital To Analog Converter Merging HAPI
Mastering Equiment Pyramix
Editing Tom Peeters
Cables Acoustic Revive
Microphones B&K 4003 modified by Rens Heijnis
Recording Format DSD256
Analog To Digital Converter Merging HAPI
Recording Date Aug 24,25,26 2020 & Jan 12,13 2021
Recording Location Koepelkerk, Renswoude (NL)
Recording Engineer Tom Peeters
Production Tom Peeters