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Misa Criolla

Musica Temprana

Conde, Traditional, Comes, De Herrera, Anonymous, Zespedes, de Araujo, Araujo, Cererols, Valdebenito, Ramirez


Year of release: 2014

1. Apachita Conde 03:52
2. Tono De La Virgen Traditional 02:16
3. Gozos A Nuestra Seniora De La Antigua Comes 03:09
4. Hijos De Eva Tributarios De Herrera 02:53
5. La Matutina Estrella Anonymous 02:43
6. Convidando Esta La Noche Zespedes 06:32
7. Dios Es Ya Nacido Anonymous 02:43
8. Veni Sponsa Christi de Araujo 03:50
9. Sa Qui Turo Zente Pleta Anonymous 06:58
10. Kyrie. Pater Exaudinos Araujo 02:58
11. Serafin Que Con Dulce Armonia Cererols 04:02
12. Tres Bailecitos Valdebenito 02:41
Misa Criolla 18:07
13. Kyrie Ramirez 03:39
14. Gloria Ramirez 05:45
15. Credo Ramirez 03:11
16. Sanctus Ramirez 02:18
17. Agnus Dei Ramirez 03:12

About this album

This new recording of the ever so popular Misa Criolla was made to mark the fiftieth anniversary of it’s creation in 1964. It’s a sparkling, genuinely Latino version, reminiscent of the original recordings.In this vibrant new edition, Ramírez’ popular mass is embedded in 17th- and 18th-century vespers, villancicos and hymns, all examples of ‘spontaneous’ expressions of popular religion and folk culture. Ramírez’ composition indeed draws on an ancient tradition of popular devotion and isdeeply rooted in Latin America’s folk music. Surprisingly, no new recorded versions of any importance have seen the light since the early nineties of the last century. With their classical schooling, fed by roots in the musical tradition of Latin America, the musicians of Música Temprana are very well placed to fill this gap. 

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NRC (Dec. 2014)

Swinging mass "Misa Criolla" is full of secrets!

Parool (Sep. 2014)

De Misa Criolla is een direct voortvloeisel van barokmuziekpraktijk die nog altijd springlevend is. De zangers zingen alsof hun leven ervan afhangt, en zo hoort het ook.

Luister (Feb. 2015)

What we have here beats everything we heard earlier. Classically trained voices with roots in the Latin American music, with precision, but above all with passion and conviction be performing both baroque and modern sounds. The sound quality of this recording meets the highest demands.

Nederlands Dagblad (Nov. 2014)

De meeste leden van het ensemble komen uit Latijns-Amerika. En dat is goed te horen. Ze hebben geen enkele moeite met de soms lastige, onregelmatige ritmes. Het is bijzonder te horen hoe goed de in 19e en 20e eeuwse werken het barok instrumentarium zich laat combineren met moderne instrumenten. Música Temprana doet dat werkelijk schitterend! De bijzondere manier van zingen maakt deze versie van de Misa Criolla heel authentiek en geregeld ook heel emotioneel. Het is alsof alle frustratie van armoede en nood moet worden uitgeschreeuwd.

Glarean Magazine (Oct. 2017)

"Conclusion: This recording of Ramirez '"Misa Criolla" and all Latinamerican-Christian songs i is an authentic, convincing and faithful recording of reality, and impressive testimony of South America's popular, folkloric culture in touch with the Christian-European tradition. A bridge between the worlds."

Listening to the Misa Criolla performed by Musica Temprana (DSD 64 from native DSD) was a new experience for me with the Crimson / Denominator. Most DACs I have listened to with this recording have a slight hardness to the sound, but not the Crimson. The stereo version I listened to was vibrant and a highly rhythmic musical composition. The Crimson reproduced the acoustics of the recording venue in an engaging soundstage that drew me into the music. The resolution of low level detail was exemplary with macro and micro dynamics beautifully reproduced. But what I enjoyed the most was the way the Crimson / Quotient was able to reproduce multiple voices. The DAC seemed to breeze along when the musical passages became more complex and never lost its ability to retain focus while maintaining a relaxed presentation.


Musica Temprana

Adrian Rodriguez Van der Spoel